How to start subsequent care

If you have completed an Omada PT or Injury Prevention Program, and a new issue arises that you want to use Omada for, you can start a new program from the mobile App. Note: this is available in app versions 5.10 and above. Please upgrade before proceeding.

From the My Plan tab, locate the select program button at the bottom of the instructions. You can also use the controls on the Inbox screen if you do not have a PT, or use the Schedule button, if you currently have a PT.

New Program Flow

Any of these approaches will bring you to the New Program flow. From here, you can start a new PT Program or a new Prevention Program

Starting a New PT Treatment Program

To start a new PT program, select "Treatment"

When you choose to start a new PT program, you'll be prompted to schedule an appointment. Once you schedule your appointment, you're all set! 

New PT Scenario

In most cases, you will be able to schedule an appointment with your current PT. However, if you have moved within the United States, you may need a new provider who is licensed in your new state. If this is the case, or if your old PT is not available for some reason, you will be notified with a screen like the following:

If you schedule with a new PT, they will be added to your care team. Remember you can always back out of this scheduling flow and chat with your PT before proceeding.

Starting a New Prevention Program

If you are looking for a lighter touch option, you can start a new Injury Prevention Program. This self-guided experience features workouts and content designed by Omada providers to help you stay limber.

To start a new prevention program, select "Injury Prevention"

We'll ask you some questions to customize your plan, and make sure prevention is right for you. If prevention is a good fit, we'll set you up with a program!

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